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Happy Pets. Happy Pet Parents. 

Kasey is now working with our second dog because she was so great with the first one. What’s really cool about Kasey is her ability to earn the trust of the pups so fast. Both my dogs are shy- but instantly warmed up to Kasey right away. It also helps that you never know what is in her treat pouch- could be soaked treats in hot dog juice, homemade sweet potato cookies, cat treats or just the fact that they can get their snozzles into her treat pouch when she isn’t looking.

Regardless- we have had other trainers and I didn’t like them. They shamed us, intimidated the dogs or were just total weirdos. Kasey is awesome and i wouldn’t look anywhere else.

Amy-Rooney & Huxley 

Kasey made us feel so much more confident in handling our puppy. She gave us small steps to work on at a time, she never rushed us or our puppy. She really has a knack for dogs temperaments and non verbal cues which really helped figure out what our puppy needed and when he needed it. Kasey became one of our puppies favorite people there is truly no one like Kasey!!

Lindsey & Odin 

When a colleague mentioned some behavioral challenges with her new dog; I knew right where to send her: To Kasey! Kasey was recommended to help intergrate our beautiful and smart but socially challenged rescue dog into our circle of family and friends and we are glad we invested in her professional advice. Kasey is so patient, so kind, and so attuned to what dogs and their human familes need. The tips we learned and continue to learn are so useful. We also love that our pup is really excited to see Kasey whenever she comes over! 

Kara & Koa 

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