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Common Questions

What People Are Asking Us

Are you unsure how to start your dog training journey or would like to know more about me and what I do? Hopefully these frequently asked questions will give you the information that you need to better understand the world of dog training and how I can help you and your dog go from Chaos to Connection.

Olive the boxer mix giving kisses

What are your methods and training philosophy?

I’m all about communication and connection and fair and appropriate leadership. Relationship and partnership with our animals is extremely important to me. I will help you to understand first and then ask questions to set appropriate and realistic goals.

I use ethical, humane, and kind methods. I do not support or endorse aversive methods such as Prong, Pinch, Choke, or Shock Collars, flooding and exposure, or Alpha and Dominant Theories. Your dog gets to sit in the drivers seat and we help them be as successful as possible with a pace they are comfortable with.

I also incorporate rewards and games and play based training. Playing is a great way for the brain to learn and for dogs and their people to bond!

Is it an issue that I have previously used or am currently using some of the averisve tools and techniques listed above?

Not at all my friends! My fairness and compassion extends to the other part of the relationship: YOU! While I do not support or use these methods or tools, I will never shame anyone who currently or has previously used them. I’m all about sharing information and education that a partnership with your dog is absolutely attainable without using harsh and aversive methods and tools. 

How long are the sessions?

The first session is always 90 minutes to allow discussion of pain points and challenges and discussion of a realisitc game plan that works for your family. Additional sessions are 60-75 mintues long.  

Where are the sessions held?

We will agree on a mutually acceptable space, weather permitting. This can be at your house (depending on where you live) or at a nearby park. 

Is there a pre-set curriculum for the sessions?

Absolutely not as no two dogs or familes are the same. We figure out what is most important and come up with a realisitic training plan that addresses your goals and incorporates everyone's strengths and areas for improvement.. Trick training? Yup. Urban Agility? Sure! Mental Enrichment and Stimulation? You betcha!

Can my kids participate in the training sessions?

Yes please! Anyone and everyone who wants to be involved is welcome to do so. Especially kids. I have a lot of experience working with dogs and families and can help everyone stay safe while also having fun learning and playing together! 

What is your service area?

DTC-Cherry Creek-Greenwood Village-Centennial-Aurora-Parker-Lone Tree-Highlands Ranch

Don't see your area listed? Please get in touch any way! We can figure out an appropirate meeting place or even work together online! We got options-just ask.

When are you available for sessions?

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Closed on Mondays and Fridays.

I'm not in your service area. Can we still work together?

You bet! We can work together online via Zoom or Goggle Meets. Please see the Services Tab for more information. 

Why should we work with you? 

I like to take a creative and fun approach to working with our dogs. No 2 sessions will ever be the same and I can guarantee that I will address and work with both sides of the partnership equally. We will use out of the box thinking to establish an appropriate game plan that works for the entire family. I take pride in offering an elite level of customer serive and satisfaction and working as a collaborative member of your dog's team. I truly care and want each human and dog to be successful independently and  together! 

What is your background and education? 

My background, experience, and education is deeply rooted in working with horses before I branched out to work professionally with dogs. I was raised by many wonderful horse companions and establishing a parternship and mutual respect and trust with each and every one of them was and continues to be important to me. I was able to experience first hand the amazing level of cooperation and friendship that can be established between human and animal when necessary and important elements are added. I have varied experience in working with all types of animals and treat each and evey one as a partner and a friend. I have always been fascinated with behavior (human and animal) and spent time as an Assistant Dog Trainer. After that, I completed a Dog Behavior Internship with Noble Beast Dog Training and remained on staff as one of their Dog Trainers.

My horse Amigo-a Quarter horse and Arabian mix.
Walking with a horse without a lead rope

Don't see an answer to a question? Please get in touch : )

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